Saturday, June 9, 2007

Blogging on

I haven''t posted here in a while mainly because of the effort I'm putting into the net business journal blog. Still not sure about the themes and other aesthetic concerns, as well as finding my voice. Got a couple of peeks from some heavyweights...Yaro, Wendy Piersall and a guy named Armen whose site I really like (can't remember the name of it...oh that's it).

I can definitely see how this will take a while to get up to money making speed...but I do think it'll be worth something eventually, especially as a journal contributed to by others which is what I'm really after, I believe. It's a bit of an evolution from the original concept but there's just no way to succeed as a blog about blogging at my present level of understanding of this medium.

The key will be really deliberately using that site to track the Treasure Ark and the other blog...which I'm being careful about starting just yet so as to get it off to a good start. And of course having others contribute their experiences with their businesses too. Leaning in the direction of either Culture Travel or Tennis (both?..maybe but domains are not easy to find) keeping with the always stated instruction from the experts of blogging with passion or forget it.

And then there's Cafe Angielski...I know there's something there but can't quite put it together yet, and I do think I'll need Monika to contribute...and that she should for her own sake too! I'll be talking more about Monika soon but I'll need her permission first....and her contribution. The site is up (here on Blogger) but no posts yet...coming soon.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A new direction?

Wow, only two days into this blog and already discovering so much (and so much more to learn!) about this universe that I already feel I have a big decision to make.

So here it goes....

As soon as I started looking around at other blogs, pro and simply personal, I discovered I'm going to need/want more than one blog to do everthing I think I can with this new-to-me medium. So Throttles to Full is going to serve a different purpose for me now, all of two days into it's conception. And that is exactly what the purpose will serve as something of an incubator of techniques (like this rss feeds thing) and ideas for me to experiment with and try to learn from to hopefully be able to realize the full potential of the other more targeted blogs I plan to work on.

Given all of that I don't expect to publish here as frequently as on some other blogs, but I should be fairly regular about it. I also of course don't expect the kind of attention to this blog that I hope to attract to any other that I start, and therefore no real revenue production here either. But that in itself is something of an experiment.

If anyone is in fact reading this....please any way at all! I kind of like the title, given my recent career, so I dont really want, or intend, to abandon it. Besides there are all kinds of topics that I'm sure will pop up on my personal radar and this will be the first place I'll go to put my thoughts out there...what a neat thing...these blogs!

Monday, May 28, 2007

And so it was...

A little more than a year ago that my seemingly cushy position in the left seat of a bad-ass bizjet came to an end. Too old to start at the bottom of some airline seniority list, and too young to actually retire, it was time to push the throttles forward on some other way, or ways, to make a living...or more.

I messed around with a couple of franchise opportunities...nothing terribly satisfying there...and maybe more about that in another post.

But what we settled on...and actually seems to be some of what this blog will be about. In the Cleared to Climb area to the right is where the best, and I mean after much trial and error, resources for what we've accomplished can be found.

I've also decided to indulge some other less lucrative pursuits that I'll be chatting about from time to time. My favorite of these is the world of ESL. One of my long-time passions has been the beauty (I think) and complexity of language. More to come on that for sure!

Until the next...


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